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 Shipping to Mongolia
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Mongolia is an inland country contained between East and Central Asia. It borders Russia to the north and China to the south, east and west. Although Mongolia does not share a border with Kazakhstan, its western-most point is only 38 km from Kazakhstan's eastern tip.

Similar to Central Asia Countries, we use Xingang/Qingdao as international port for transit into Mongolia by railway. For domestic transport, our options are varied, which include road, railway and air modes, and all up to your choice.

Sailing Schedule
POL Vessel Voyage T/S Port Transit Time
Hong Kong  WAN HAI 213  N219  Xingang  16 
Hong Kong  WAN HAI 212  N240  Xingang  16 
Hong Kong  WAN HAI 216  N220  Xingang  16 
Hong Kong  NORTHERN VICTORY  N002  Xingang  15 
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