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Customs Brokerage
Prompt and effective import/export clearance of international cargoes is a critical issue in China.
With over 39 years of experience in performing customs formalities for our clients in China and Hong Kong, we are aware of the rules and procedures involved in customs declarations.
Our Services
  • Document preparation and submission of every Import & Export entry
  • Presentation of information to China customs authorities with the proper classification and in the requisite formats
  • CIQ and Customs Inspection
  • Customs formality activities monitoring and reporting on a real-time basis through our seamless VPN platform
  • Professional advice on customs formality prior to shipment import/export to/from China
Our Compliances
  • Every Import / Export entry is reviewed against a checklist and equivalent to client's information
  • Our customs brokerage operations strictly comply with the rules and regulations of China Government in line with our longstanding practiced Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Dutiable Commodities
  • Radioactive Substances & Apparatus
  • Strategic Commodities
  • Dangerous Goods and Chemicals
Our Specialties
  • Dutiable Commodities
  • Radioactive Substances & Apparatus
  • Strategic Commodities
  • Dangerous Goods and Chemicals
Warehousing and Distribution of Goods

As a non-asset based logistics service provider, our On-shore Services in China and Hong Kong are backed up by an extensive network of distribution facilities and multi-modal transportation solutions. We focus on selecting and managing suitable carriers based upon your requirements.
  • Inland & Overland Trucking
  • Riverboat for Bulk & Containerized Cargo
  • Project & Heavy Cargo Handling
  • Rail Transport
  • Express Services
Shenship Real-time Cargo Status Report (SRCSR)
  • On-line Cargo Inventory and Tracing on our VPN platform
  • Proactive SCM through improved Shipment Visibility
  • End-to-end solution of shipment delivery
  • No Push & Pull communications style
Our warehouses are situated in prime locations on the coastline of China with direct access to the international airports and container ports. Via our seamless VPN platform, our clients and agents are able to check their cargo inventory online and submit shipping instruction or movement requests directly. Anywhere, Anytime, and Anyone just with an assigned PIN.
For any regular warehousing requirements, we offer shared facilities that lead to lower cost for clients. If needed, we can design and implement customized storage facilities and services with additional features.
The following relevant licenses and certificates will be presented upon request:
  • Bonded Warehousing
  • DG Warehousing
  • Dedicated Warehousing
  • Container Stuffing & Un-stuffing Operation
  • Pick & Pack Services
  • Fumigation and Sterilization
  • Other Value Added Services
  • NGO Logistics
    In an effort to fulfill its responsibility locally and throughout the world, Shenship has now extended its commitment by offering new and specialized logistics solutions for Charities, Professional Organizations, and Educational Institutions.
    With over 25 years experience in the logistics industry, Shenship has developed a worldwide network of reliable agents in order to guarantee the safe and timely arrival of your goods to the most remote areas of the world. In addition to the services offered above Shenship can assertively assist you in any situation.
    Shenship is committed to each shipment as well as the overall success of each NGO's logistics operation. In turn, we confidently hope such action will lead to the greater success of each NGO we work with.
    We can assist you in:
    • Handling shipments of any type of cargo for the support of your ongoing operations
    • Door-to-door service to any global destination, no matter how remote, from any origin worldwide
    • Managing Divers emergency shipments in the wake of natural, as well as man-made, disasters
    • Storage of goods
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