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Flexi Tanks
We are providing a cheaper and more efficient alternative for the transport of wine, juice, and other forms of liquid to/from Mainland China and overseas by Flexi-tank of Braid Logistics.
Braid Logistics Asia Pte. Ltd., is the Regional Asian Office of John S Braid & Co. Ltd., registered in 1955. Based in Scotland, it offers global logistics solutions tailor made to meet customer requirements.
Advantages of Flexi - Tank

  • Flexible and cost effective
  • Higher payload
  • No costly clean ups or empty repositioning
  • Lightweight easy to install and remove
  • Easy disposal recyclable materials
  • Reliable
  • Reduced packaging costs
  • Less dunnage and storage
  • Lower shipping costs
ISO Tanks
We also provide ISO-Tank Containers (owned and leased) for the distribution of industrial chemicals and liquid food grade products through our principal i.e. JP Express Pte. Ltd., a professional ISO Tank Operator based in Singapore with extensive experience in chemical and bulk logistics.

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